Perth Heat Rewards Fans in Bitcoin Every Time Player Steals a Base or Hits a Home Run

• The Perth Heat, the most successful team in the Australian Baseball League, has announced a new partnership that rewards fans in bitcoin for impressive plays during games.
• The partnership with Bitrefill, Wallet of Satoshi and IBEX allows fans to receive their reward instantly after scanning a QR code with a Lightning-enabled wallet.
• This is an innovative way to engage with fans and further improve the fan experience by incentivizing players to achieve their best on the field.

The Perth Heat’s Bitcoin Partnership

The Perth Heat, the Australian Baseball League’s most successful baseball team, has announced a new partnership that rewards fans in bitcoin every time a player from Perth Heat steals a base or hits a home run. Through this innovative program, called “Stealing Sats,” fans are able to scan a QR code displayed on game streams or social media channels when an impressive play is made and receive their reward instantaneously through their Lightning-enabled wallet.

A Novel Fan Interaction System

This novel fan interaction system seeks to bring further excitement to thrilling moments in games and incentivize players to push themselves and achieve their best on-field performance. Steven Nelkovski, CEO of the Perth Heat said in a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine: “We are thrilled to be launching Stealing Sats in partnership with Bitrefill, Wallet of Satoshi, and IBEX…We believe this program will further enhance the fan experience.”

Adopting A Bitcoin Standard

In 2021 the Perth Heat made headlines when they adopted a Bitcoin standard and integrated Lightning – becoming the first professional sports team to do so. The team then proved its desire for further integration by widely introducing Lightning services into its stadium and fan experiences – including ‘sats4stats’ which boosts fans’ favorite players through the Lightning Network.

An Exciting New Way To Engage Fans

Chris Pavlesic from Bitrefill’s Australia branch said that “With Stealing Sats, fans can now participate in the game in a whole new way”. Daniel Alexiuc from Wallet of Satoshi added that his team was “really excited about Stealing Sats with Perth Heat,” as it is such an innovative way for people to demonstrate how easy it is to use Bitcoin. Ry Sterling from IBEX said that this initiative has opened up eyes into global fandom markets which had not been considered before.


The Perth Heat’s bold decision to adopt Bitcoin standards has led them towards exciting opportunities with unique partnerships like ‘Stealing Sats’. This provides an enhanced fan experience while also rewarding players for achieving excellence on-field performance – revolutionizing fan engagement!

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