Pakistan Under Perfect Storm: Economic, Political and Social Disasters

• Pakistan is facing an economic and social crisis due to a ‘perfect storm’ of events, including political turmoil, natural disasters, and rising international prices.
• Political instability has led to protests, arrests, bloodshed and the arrest of Imran Khan on corruption charges in May 2023.
• The country’s economy has been further hurt by rising international fuel and food prices and excessive external borrowing.

Political Turmoil

Pakistan has been going through one of the worst times in history, suffering economic and natural calamities. A perfect storm has hit the troubled country, and there is no easy way out. In April 2022, Imran Khan was ousted through a no-confidence vote initiated by the opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif who was then elected as the new prime minister of Pakistan. However, Imran Khan didn’t leave peacefully leading to nationwide protests which shook up the political stability of Pakistan even more resulting in countless arrests and bloodshed that took precious lives on both sides through 2022 and 2023. On May 9th 2023 he was arrested on corruption charges but released on bail two days later by Pakistan’s Supreme Court. This political instability is damaging the fundamental structure of Pakistan itself as both sides are unwilling to abandon their ambitions leading to higher societal polarization across political lines.

Economic Ills

The origins of this disaster can be traced back to 2022 when Russian Invasion of Ukraine caused international fuel & food prices to rise significantly hurting Pakistan’s economy en masse. Excessive external borrowing raised chance of default causing rupee to fall & imports become more expensive – making it difficult for people living under poverty line to survive & putting strain on govt resources even further.

Natural Disasters

Pakistan experienced a series of natural disasters during this time including floods & earthquakes that destroyed infrastructure & claimed many lives & livelihoods, particularly in rural areas with limited access to aid or assistance from authorities due to existing security issues in these areas already hampered by ongoing conflicts between state forces & militant groups such as Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP). The government’s response towards relief efforts was inadequate & slow in certain places – leaving affected people desperate for help but not able to get it easily due poor planning/coordination from relevant departments/agencies at national level or lack thereof altogether at local level where needed most .

Militant Groups Taking Advantage

The chaos created by all these disasters have opened opportunities for different militant groups present in country like TTP – who are taking advantage situation exploit weaknesses security forces providing them opportunity expand their influence parts country previously inaccessible them before now due weakened military presence there because stretched thin responding other crises simultaneously across nation . This means not only risk civilians living those regions posed direct attacks militants also indirect consequences result increased activities: greater recruitment their ranks as well threats destabilizing whole region surrounding borders if unchecked time .


Pakistan is facing a multitude crises all fronts with no easy way out right now – economic collapse coupled devastating natural disasters coupled increasing militant activity create dire situation citizens will find very difficult escape anytime soon unless some drastic measures taken address root causes problems enable people live normal lives again without worrying about safety wellbeing future generations come . Madiha Afzal fellow at U S analytical company Brookings Institution warned general public about future country DW report saying “I see crisis one deepening very difficult see way ”

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