Madeira: A Bitcoiner’s Paradise for Food, Fun and Sun!

• Madeira is an up-and-coming Bitcoin base located in Portugal, 600 miles off the coast.
• It is a popular tourist destination with Instagram-ready landscapes, a warm climate and rich cultural heritage.
• Pleb Music recently shot a documentary on Madeira to tell the story of its Bitcoin adoption.

What is Madeira?

Madeira is an island located in Portugal, some 600 miles off the coast. A popular tourist destination thanks to Instagram-worthy landscapes, a warm temperate climate and rich cultural heritage, it has become an up-and-coming Bitcoin base.

Why do Bitcoiners Talk About Madeira?

Bitcoiners are drawn to Madeira for its potential as an emerging hub for cryptocurrency adoption. Pleb Music produced a documentary about this tiny island that captures the vibrant culture and local economy of the region. The documentary tells the story of how people on this island have embraced Bitcoin and other digital currencies as part of their daily lives.

Does It Come With Fries?

No, but you can enjoy espetada (loads of Madeiran meat piled up on skewer like kebab), quality steak and scrumptious fish while visiting! In addition to being known for its food, many people come to visit for its natural beauty and mild climate year round.

Why Did Pleb Music Shoot A Documentary On This Tiny Island?

Pleb Music wanted to capture the unique story behind how residents on this small island adopted Bitcoin as part of their everyday lives. They also sought to explore why Madeira should now feature on any traveling Bitcoiner’s bucket list by showcasing its potential as an emerging hub for cryptocurrency adoption.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a peaceful patch of land with plenty of interesting sights and experiences then look no further than the sunny island of Madeira! Not only does it offer stunning views and exquisite cuisine but it’s also quickly becoming one of the top destinations for crypto enthusiasts looking to explore what life has to offer beyond traditional financial systems.

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