Blink: The Best Tool for Bottom-Up Bitcoin Adoption

• The Bitcoin Beach Wallet has changed its name to “Blink” in order to better reflect its goal of becoming the best tool for “bottom-up Bitcoin adoption.”
• The wallet features various merchant features and integrates Nostr, making it a go-to custodial wallet for tipping, testing or traveling.
• Blink’s new name represents “speed and positivity,” and it will communicate with customers well before changing the name and icon of the app.

The Bitcoin Beach Wallet is Now Called Blink

The Bitcoin Beach project has officially changed its wallet’s name from “Bitcoin Beach Wallet” to “Blink” in order to better reflect its vision of becoming the best tool for bottom-up Bitcoin adoption.

Features of Blink

Blink includes various merchant features that make it easy and flexible for businesses to receive payments over Lightning and on-chain, including LN address, a Lightning cash register, and a printable pay code. It also integrates Nostr, making it a go-to custodial wallet for tipping, testing or traveling. Furthermore, users can set their local currency in Q2 2023 which makes onboarding easier. Lastly, there is in-app Bitcoin education where users can earn sats for learning about Bitcoin basics.

Significance of Name Change

The press release sent out by Blink’s team stated that the original acronym was problematic so they decided to change it; this new name represents “speed and positivity” which accurately communicates with customers before changing the actual app name & icon. Furthermore, Blink hopes to be available in every language where there’s a Bitcoin community project eventually.


According to Blink’s team their vision is that anyone should be able to use bitcoin easily regardless of geography or language barriers; they want Blink to be the go-to wallet for beginner users as well as experienced ones who are looking for an efficient way to exchange value quickly across borders.


The team behind Blink wants this tool become a standard way people transact globally with bitcoin; through its various features & integrations combined with its focus on user experience & education they hope that this can become reality soon!

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