Bitcode AI Experience & Test

Crypto exchange for digital currencies

The Bitcode AI crypto exchange is one of the most well-known providers when it comes to trading digital currencies. At this exchange, traders can trade not only the most well-known coins but also numerous lesser-known or new cryptocurrencies. As the Bitcode AI test shows, the exchange offers its users many advantages, so in addition to direct trading, margin trading of derivatives is also possible. Convincing Bitcode AI experiences offer the versatile trading platform and different wallets. Therefore, despite a spectacular hacker attack in 2016, Bitcode AI remains a good address for demanding traders.

Bitcode AI pros and cons


  • All major cryptocurrencies, numerous lesser-known coins
  • Margin trading with leverage of maximum 1:3.3
  • Margin funding for P2P funding
  • Easy account opening
  • High-quality trading platform and mobile app


  • Offer and platform in English only
  • No Bitcode AI demo account
  • Not very clear fee structure

Usability: Bitcode AI opinions on the functionality

The user interface of the trading platform at Bitcode AI offers a wealth of information. These are definitely presented in a well-structured manner, but are likely to overwhelm beginners at first. The comprehensive functionality of the user interface and the large trading offer suggest that Bitcode AI is suitable for traders who already have some experience.

In addition, the offering – including all information on the website and all legal texts – is only available in English, whereas platforms like Bitpanda are experienced entirely in German.

Payment methods in the Bitcode AI test 2022

After setting up the user account, new customers can log in and capitalize their account. However, payment methods via fiat currencies cannot be used for this purpose; the exchange only accepts payments via a crypto wallet or via another exchange. Moreover, traders have to choose a wallet that corresponds to the desired trading activity. Offered are

Exchange Wallet for the use of the crypto exchange.

Margin wallet for trading crypto CFDs

Funding Wallet for funders in margin trading.
Important when transferring coins: Users should only transfer cryptocurrencies to Bitcode AI that are supported by the exchange. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing the transferred capital!

Bitcode AI experience with customer support

Although there is no demo account at Bitcode AI, new customers do have the opportunity to study introductory articles on how to use the trading platform via the crypto exchange’s Help Center. If questions remain unanswered, the support can be addressed via contact forms, which are arranged thematically and allow for a quick classification of the request.

Awards in the Bitcode AI test

Crypto exchanges, just like forex brokers or other financial service providers, like to highlight the awards they have received to emphasize their strengths. Provided that the awards were given by a reputable platform or a recognized trade magazine, they can definitely be considered as a seal of approval. Since the exchange, unlike other providers in the crypto exchange comparison, has not yet received any awards, interested parties can consult the opinions of other users about Bitcode AI.

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